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AK ePayment at a glance

Der AK ePayment was founded in 2000 as unit of skilled workmanship in munic. Since than it has gained significant recognition in german ePayment sector as one of the most known academic circles.

The mailinglist currently encompasses 340 executives and specialists, lawyers, journalists, members of public and governmental units. Parts/sections also have a europe-wide and in the United States profile. The exchange of experience among the participants takes place on yearly basis with 4-5 meetings in Munic and by sending/collecting presentations, documents and comments via email. AK ePayment tries to support on an informal level to support common open standards and interfaces, to enhance ePayment with a workable non-discriminating competition and to improve ePayment as a reliable and efficient service to as many as possible participants in the economy. AK ePayment itself is not economically oriented. All costs are covered by the acting participants.

AK ePayment does not officially represent these companies/organisations. All statements are prepared on an informal level by several participants.